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Daryl CHRISTOFF's Story

I grew up as a third generation farmer in the Niagara falls area. Our 100 acre family farm raised vegetables and livestock. It was in my time on our farm that I learned the values of hard work, respect for nature, the importance of local farms and caring for the environment.

I live and breathe Ward 20. It’s where I have lived all my adult life, where I have chosen to raise my children and the place I am proud to call home. Ward 20 has given me so much. It’s time to give back.

Eight years ago I suffered a spinal cord injury and I gained so much from the experience. It’s been a long and at times extremely difficult journey. The road to wellness taught me how to rise above every day struggle and pain. I learned that I could heal myself despite a grim medical prognosis. I am living the truth that with discipline, perseverance and grit one can overcome great obstacles.

I am a true believer that my walking-focused lifestyle is a key component of staying well and I advocate this at any chance I can.

Over 28 years ago I took training that would radically change my life. I began a sports and RMT practice after completing my education at the Sutherland Chan School. I moved to Los Angeles for two years and had the opportunity to experience treating people from so many walks of life.

I met my wife just over 20 years ago and decided to return to Toronto to raise a family. It was in Ward 20 that I chose to begin our family life together and I’ve lived here ever since.

I had the opportunity to work with elite athletes at the Calgary Olympics. It was one of my proudest moments of being Canadian.

Over the nearly 3 decades of treating people, I was able to really understand how to be helpful and compassionate and treat people with dignity. You learn a lot about human nature when people are vulnerable and suffering.

It was a big move and is my way of showing my focused commitment to being a dedicated representative for our neighborhoods at Toronto City Council.

I am passionate about equality, wellness and fairness. I look forward to the privilege of taking care of this ward.



Strong and Safe Communities

I will ensure we build on Ward 20’s great neighbourhoods. I will ensure development matches community needs. I will establish community roundtables to provide residents a voice at the table.

Ward 20 is home to some of Toronto’s most remarkable neighbourhoods. Our community has changed tremendously over the past decade. From CityPlace to the Annex, from King West to Queen’s Park, Ward 20 has experienced significant growth.

Daryl Christoff believes we need to ensure that as our skyline changes, our streets and neighbourhoods
remain friendly, open and accessible to all. Daryl advocates for policies including:

Transit, walkability and “cyclability”

I will ensure we have a community that is more livable. Residents of CityPlace and condos by the waterfront need better transit connections to jobs, restaurants and other amenities.

Ward 20 residents need to get from Point A to Point B to Point Z and anywhere between. Quickly. Safely. Enjoyably. Whether walking, cycling, taking transit or driving a car, our streets, sidewalks and trails must be places where various modes of transport co-exist.

Daryl Christoff recognizes that while there is a need to ease congestion for vehicles, City Hall needs to provide incentives for people to choose modes of transportation that are more efficient and better for the environment. Daryl believes our transit plans require bold ideas, responsible investments in
infrastructure and that pedestrian and cyclist safety is the top priority.


Accountability, Civility, & Respect at City Hall and IN Ward 20

I believe in responsive communication, being accessible and available to Ward 20 constituents and STRIVING for AN improved, MORE transparent process at City Hall. We are A very diverse and EVOLVING ward. With change comes challenge and how we handle matters is fundamentally important.
I promise you I will strive for respectful and balanced conflict resolution and I will stand for integrity as your representative at City Hall.
I believe everyone has a voice that needs to be heard.

Community Building

When we embrace and support diversity and connection, we improve all aspects of living in Ward 20. I strongly support local community festivals, parks( that allows for social and professional interactions) and the ever growing number of community events IN WARD 20. We all benefit in meeting and learning more about our neighbours. In this time of revitalization and investment in a growing downtown core, I am very mindful of balancing our ward’s needs with the requests of developers and investors in our community.

Neighbourhood Community Groups and Associations

Ward 20 has powerful and purposeful neighborhood and business associations. We are very lucky to have such active, hardworking organizations. Truly, it is impressive what our local residents accomplish. I recognize everyone as A NEIGHBOUR and I understand we all have A VOICE regardless of whether we rent or own, whether we live in a house or condo or apartment.

I promise to work with our community organizations to address concerns such empty abandon homes or businesses becoming unhealthy or unsafe,and providing more surveillance to decrease crime.
I will work with our community organizations to celebrate and to bring awareness of the many interesting cultural and
local social events.

Knowing the importance of how valuable Toronto Entertainment District is to the future success of Toronto, it is crucial to follow the Entertainment Districts Master Plan. I would be a” Very Strong Advocate” to implement the Entertainment Master Plan if elected on October 27,2014.
(Read the Entertainment District’s Master Plan)


Our growing Toronto needs a well maintained city infrastructure. Toronto City Council must address maintenance and repair to various types of infrastructure(s). This is important in the face of recent natural flood disasters as well as for the purpose of protecting pedestrians and cyclists.
I am also very concerned that our great city address THE PRESENCE OF LEAD in the water SUPPLY. I feel this is a very urgent matter.
We can do better to relieve traffic congestion and pollution in our city. I am also a strong support of creating pedestrian zones in our great CITY. I am in favour of reducing carbon footprints where sensible.
I would like to see investment in improving the full use of the CN RAIL and GO Transit tracks, and I also think Toronto can do better to protect the safety of TTC commuters getting off streetcars.


I am hugely in favour of keeping our public libraries open. I also think our green spaces are vital to a healthy city and
need protection and support to stay safe and VIABLE. Social Innovation is also a critical to our Uniqueness in

Budget & Spending

I think it’s really key for Toronto to find FAIR and sensible streams of funding for the city’s budget. I promise I will

work for transparency and accountability in our budgets and funding solutions. I also promise to reflect our ward’s

values and needs when using the taxpayer’s money.

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